It’s that classic cartoon joke, again: someone’s holding a bomb, the bomb goes boom, everybody laugh.

Run around with your friends in this local multiplayer game and pass the bomb from one another. Don’t be the last to hold it when it explodes — but even if you do, remember: it’s not over until the black screen closes!

Gameplay Video

Gamepad controls (recommended):
Left joystick - Move
A - Jump / Dash (in air)
B - Pass the bomb / Pull lever

Keyboard controls:
WASD / Arrow keys - Move
Left ctrl (or Space) / Right ctrl (or Slash) - Jump / Dash (in air)
Left shift / Right shift - Pass the bomb / Pull lever

Made in less than 48 hours in the Global Game Jam 2024 
The theme was "Make Me Laugh"
Art by Ido Leshem
Game Design by Assaf Friedman
Programming by Danny Marcowitz & Dor Nevo
Music & Sound by Alon Kaplan

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